IDENTsmart TimeRecording

Zeiterfassungsterminal für Arbeitszeiterfassung, ID800 webbasiert

Digital employee time tracking at a glance and in real-time

The dashboard allows HR managers to see everything at a glance. Which employees are currently in the office? Are there missing or incomplete bookings? Which employees are out of the office, sick or on holiday? Who has accumulated the most overtime? All this at a glance and easily correct errors in the blink of an eye. The system can be used on a computer, tablet or smartphone via browser. Also suitable for time recording during home office.

Secure Login Solutions

More security with passwordless login

Nowadays, username and password are no longer sufficient as access protection to ensure security. One solution is 2-factor authentication. On 9 December 2014, the FIDO Alliance published the first version of the universal and license-free standard U2F for two-factor authentication, which is compatible with various methods and devices.
IDENTsmart has been a member of the international FIDO standard since 2016.
However, the German Federal Office for Security BSI and Stiftung Warentest now recommend that consumers use two-factor authentication for as many web-based services as possible.

About us

IDENTsmart is a provider of time recording solutions
for small and medium-sized companies. 
Security, accuracy and efficiency are our
highest priority.