Safeguarding your digital identity without the memorization

For the experts of PC-WELT the ID50 Password Manager from IDENTsmart is one of the best passwort manager for PCs.
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The ID50 is a hardware encrypted USB stick

Are you facing password exhaustion? Concerned that your passwords are not strong enough and could be easily guessed or compromised? The ID50 Password Manager exists to make your life easier, by reducing the need to remember and enter passwords for your favorite and rarely used online services.

You only need your 4-6 digit PIN to open the ID50. Without it does'nt work.


Easy installation

Connect the ID50 to your computer.
Install the browser plug-in from our website.
Enter your 4-6 digit PIN and your ID50 is ready to go

Easy handling

After storing the user name and password for any website the ID50 adds this information automatically when you visit this website again.
No brooding or searching - the ID50 handles it for you.

Easy and secure

Your passwords are protected by a specially encrypted hardware. After four attempts to enter the PIN correctly, e.g. by an unauthorized user, the crypto chip destroyes all your sensitive information.


Editing passwords
Edit your passwords and usernames when e.g. when your email address has changed.
Editing blacklistUse the blacklist to exclude sites from the ID50.
SettingsAutomatic logout, specify automatic entry of passwords, disabling the browser's password manager
Print passwordsPrint out all stored passwords and put them in a safe place. So you have data at hand in case of loss of the stick or PIN.
Transfer passwordsAll passwords stored in the browser are transfered to the ID50 by just one mouse click (only Firefox).
ID50 setupSet the password for your ID50

System requirements

Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64 bit)
Mozilla Firefox® or Google Chrome®

Mac® OS X® 10.9.5 or later
Mozilla Firefox® or Google Chrome™ for Mac®


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