FIDO Stick
FIDO2 is a standard of the FIDO Alliance and the W3C, which implements a strong authentication solution on the web.

Secure Login Solutions

Simple passwords are a security risk and are no longer sufficient to protect a device or application from unauthorized access. Long, cryptic passwords are difficult to remember. 

ID50 Password Manager

The key safely in your hand – not in the cloud or on the computer.
The ID50 is designed to make it easy for you. You no longer need to remember passwords, everything is stored encrypted on the ID50 stick and automatically inserted into your online login.

Only a single PIN

Your passwords are protected by specially encrypted hardware. You only need one PIN to access your data. 
If an unauthorized user enters the PIN incorrectly 4 times, the Cryptochip destroys all your sensitive information.

Features of the ID50
Edit passwordsEdit your passwords and usernames if, for example, your email address has changed.
Edit BlacklistSet excluded websites for which the IDENTsmart ID50 should not automatically insert passwords.
SettingsSet automatic logout
Set automatic input of passwords
Disable the browser’s own password manager
Print PasswordsPrint out all saved passwords and store them in a safe. This way you have the data at hand in case of emergency (loss of the stick or accidentally entering the wrong PIN).
Setting up ID50Set the PIN for your ID50.

FIDO Stick

More security with passwordless login. Nowadays, username and password are no longer sufficient as access protection to ensure security. One solution is 2-factor authentication. On 9 December 2014, the FIDO Alliance published the first version of the universal and license-free standard U2F for two-factor authentication, which is compatible with various methods and devices.
IDENTsmart has been a member of the international FIDO standard since 2016.
However, the German Federal Office for Security BSI and Stiftung Warentest now recommend that consumers use two-factor authentication for as many web-based services as possible.