Password security for Windows® and Mac®

"The world of computers is also a world of passwords. But nobody wants to remember all of them ..."

According to the experts of PC-WELT the ID50 Password Manager by IDENTsmart is one of the best password managers for PCs.


The ID50 is a hardware encrypted USB stick




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The key is safe in your hand- not in the cloud or on your computer

The Federal Office for Information Technology (BSI) requires secure passwords that are difficult to remember and make the use of password managers necessary. With the ID50, your data is not only securely encrypted, but you always have the key in your hand.

Automatic insertion of user data during website visits

All user data and passwords are safely stored and encrypted on the ID50 and automatically inserted into your online registration. You only need one PIN to access this data.

Encrypted notepad securely in USB Stick

You can use the notepad function to store other sensitive data in encrypted form.

Securely encrypted

The ID50 is a hardware encrypted USB Stick that remembers all passwords. Your data is secure and 128-bit AES encrypted. These data encryption and security techniques are also used by banks, governments and insurance companies to protect sensitive data.

Remembers all passwords

The ID50 was designed to make using it easy for you. No need to remember passwords, everything is stored encrypted on the ID50 Stick and automatically inserted into your online registration.

Only one single PIN

You only need one PIN to access your data.


Security measures of the ID50

Your passwords are protected by special encrypted hardware.

If an unauthorized user enters the PIN incorrectly 4 times, the cryptochip destroys all your sensitive information.


Easy installation

Plug the ID50 into the USB port.

 Download and install the addon.

Define your own PIN. The ID50 will store all desired passwords of your visited websites.


Easy to use

Storage of username and passwords for your websites.

The ID50 will automatically insert the user data when you return to a web page.

No more brooding or searching - the ID50 does it for you.


Editing passwords
Edit your passwords and usernames when e.g. when your email address has changed.
Editing blacklistUse the blacklist to exclude sites from the ID50.
SettingsAutomatic logout, specify automatic entry of passwords, disabling the browser's password manager
Print passwordsPrint out all stored passwords and put them in a safe place. So you have data at hand in case of loss of the stick or PIN.
Transfer passwordsAll passwords stored in the browser are transfered to the ID50 by just one mouse click (only Firefox).
ID50 setupSet the password for your ID50

System requirements

Microsoft Windows® 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32/64 bit)
Mozilla Firefox® or Google Chrome®

Mac® OS X® 10.9.5 or later
Mozilla Firefox® or Google Chrome™ for Mac®


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