Maximum protection for sensitive data - simple and secure

"The ID60 DataSafe has predominantly
shown a very good performance in our test.

Mod Your Case tested the ID60 and
awarded it a gold medal.

"The combination of hardware and software encryption
makes the whole thing very secure - even in comparison
to a key file on a regular USB flash drive."

The computer magazine CHIP reviewed the ID60
in issue 02/2017 and rated it "good" (B+).

The combination of hardware key and individual PIN guarantees maximum security - safe in your hands



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Virtually integrated drive

Access to confidential files and documents on the PC and notebook works via a virtually integrated drive. The data is only visible when using the ID60 USB Stick with the defined PIN. The ID60 DataSafe is used as a real drive. Data and even programs automatically become invisible when the ID60 USB Stick is removed.

Secure encryption method

The protection of the virtual drive is based on an attack-proof encryption method.


50 GB encrypted data storage

The ID60 DataSafe provides up to 50 GB of encrypted data storage on the local hard disk. Individual files and file structures can easily be copied to other drives. In addition, the ID60 DataTresor can be formatted at any time.

Emergency key in case of loss

Should the ID60 USB stick get lost, an emergency key serves as access to the ID60 DataSafe. This emergency key (PUK) is automatically generated when the ID60 DataSafeis created.


 Easy installation

Plug the ID60 into the USB port.

 Download and install the software.

Define your own PIN and the ID60 secures all of your data.


Capacityup to 50 GB (definable)
EncryptionAES 256 Bit, Tweak 128 Bit, SHA256



DimensionsLWH 57 x 28 x 10 mm
Weight27 gram
Temperature rangeOperation: 0°C to +70°C
Storage: –40°C to +85°C
Hardware encryptionAES 128 Bit, 4-digit PIN, 4 PIN attempts

System requirements

Microsoft® Windows® 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10
Connection USB 2.0 Typ A
Free disc space for the virtual drive (DatenTresor)

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