About us

IDENTsmart is a provider of digital working time recording systems and security solutions on the market for small and medium-sized businesses. The company was founded in 2015 in Munich by a highly experienced development and marketing team from the leading provider of mobile security/security solutions, IDENTOS.

Identos provides smart card reader components for mobile applications in the e-health and e-government sector and operates worldwide, with headquarters in the Munich area and in Toronto, Canada. Identos is an OEM supplier, i.e. large IT companies build these security components into their security solutions.

At IDENTsmart, the focus is on Made in Germany, which means that all tools are developed by a team of experienced IT specialists in Germany and Austria. The entire production, logistics and support are also represented here.

Robert Schneider

CEO & Investor

Robert Schneider, founder and CEO of IDENTOS and IDENTsmart, has over 20 years of management experience in technology companies and has founded well-known companies such as SCM Microsystems and Plazz AG.

Armin Wachter

Sales & Support

Armin Wachter, 15 years of sales & support experience in the IT security sector, ensures smooth and efficient support for IDENTsmart products. He is also a competent contact person for individual product and offers requests.

Wolfgang Konwalinka

Product development

Wolfgang Konwalinka has over 10 years of experience with RFID smartcard reader technologies in working time recording systems. He is responsible for the technical management of product development and production and oversees the entire process from the concept phase of a product to its market launch.